Manual Techniques MRP


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The school of somatopathy is open to everyone, with or without medical training. Its aim is to train people to use a gentle, empathetic manual approach, global and energy-based, relying on otherness and listening skills.


This school is recognized by the teachers’ federation of the M.R.Poyet Method.


The teaching is open to anyone who sincerely wants to work within a supporting relationship. It’s a commitment to a new and difficult path, requiring demanding soul searching, an awareness of body and spirit as being one, and of the global nature of the person within his environment and family.


The therapist aims to put into practice manual techniques based on osteopathy and directly inspired from the teachings of Maurice Raymond POYET, who used to be Pierre-Camille VERNET’s teacher. This knowledge is enriched with Pierre-Camille VERNET’s research in somatopathy. He is surrounded in his work by his colleagues: Odile BAUDONNEL (midwife), Serge MANIEY, Céline COCHET, Eric MANIEY, Jacques BERTRAND (physiotherapist), Nathalie DUC and Alain CANTELOU.


To pursue your training, two addresses:


In Brittany: in the outskirts of Rennes

School of Somatopathy, MRP Method

Manoir de Grippé

35 510 Cesson Sévigné

tel : 06 16 08 02 96


In Ardèche : near Valence

School of Somatopathy, MRP Method

Château de Grozon

 07 270 Saint Barthélémy-Grozon

tel : 04 75 07 63 59 ou 06 16 08 02 96