MRP Method


M.R.P. = methode respiratoire primaire = Primary Respiratory Movement

M.R.P. = Maurice Raymon POYET

The somatopath uses the MRP Method, a non-manipulative manual technique directly inspired by the teachings of Maurice-Raymond POYET (who died in 1996). He was a well- known osteopath in his time,and his works have gone beyond the discipline, in bringing precision, rapidity, extreme gentleness, efficiency and innocuousness.


Pierre-Camille VERNET was one of his most attentive students. This knowledge of MRP and of its disorders is now enhanced by his research work : he has enabled the discipline to move to a new level by giving substance to Somatopathy as such, the subject matter of this site. He is assisted by Odile BAUDONNEL, midwife and somatopath, by Serge MANIEY, somatopath, and by former students who are now working with him.


The name “Method –MRP” refers to the Primary Respiratory Movement

This extremely slight movement of flux and reflux is perfectly detectable by an attentive hand in any area of the human body. The MRP, probably detected for centuries, was described for the first time in 1945 by William Garner Sutherland, a doctor, osteopath and student of Andrew Taylor Still, inventor/founder of osteopathy.


The name “Method – MRP” also refers to Maurice Raymond Poyet.

The Indochinese war enabled M.R. POYET to discover oriental medicine. It showed him that a less”mechanized”, more energy-based approach of the person was possible. His new understanding of osteopathy was characterized by a global and original view point, and by the lessening of mechanical gestures: “the hand has to be as light as a butterfly’s wing”.


Since then, somatopathy is the name which has been given to the techniques from this school derived from the original Sutherland’s osteopathy. Since 2007, the noun “osteopathy” in France only refers to the manipulative osteopathy schools.