The teachers

The teachers of the Somatopathy school form together the association (1901 law) “somatopathy in movement”.


Pierre-Camille VERNET:

Somatopath, trained in energy-giving osteopathy by Maurice Raymond POYET from 1986 to 1991.

Founder in 1998 of the school of MRP Manual Therapy in Brittany and Ardèche. Researcher and precursor of techniques in somatopathy on the skull, foot and hand based on psychosomatic science and family relationships, following in the footsteps of M.R.POYET’s works.



At first midwife in a hospital then free lance. Osteopath and somatopath trained with Pierre-Camille VERNET and Claude ROSSAT. Practicing techniques of re-education of the perineum CMP (KMP: Knowledge and Mastering of the Perineum), taught by Dominique TRINH DINH. She has worked with the maternity ward at the Pertuis hospital for Natural and Postural support and childbirth. Co-founder of the somatopathy school.



Trained by Pierre-Camille VERNET and Yannick aUSSAGE from 1999 to 2003, he is a qualified somatopath since January 2004. Practitioner since then, he has established a connection between Maurice Raymond POYET’s techniques, Pierre Camille VERNET’s somatopathy and Embryology. He is developping his techniques through his mastering of martial arts, especially with traditional aikido.



She has graduated from the Somatopathy school in 2009. Previously a primary school teacher, the school has benefited from her pedagogy skills. Following her work with Andy Boots, she has acquired a mastery of equine ethology that has allowed her to develop an empathic skill in her practice of somatopathy. She has been able to link human somatopathy with the possibilities of energy-based techniques used on animals.


Somatopath since 2006, he works at the Cesson-Sévigné surgery , in Britanny. His manual sensitivity and his faithfulness to the techniques and spirit taught by M.R.Poyet and Pierre-Camille Vernet make him a precious colleague in the field.



Somatopath and physiotherapist, Jacques Bertrand actively contributes to the development of somatopathy thanks to his great clinical experience as a therapist, his humane qualities and his personal research.

The administration



Present from the start of the somatopathy school with Pierre-Camille Vernet, she has received training in MRP manual techniques. Katia Ostrowski is responsible for the administrative side of the school, and answering telephone queries. She is the best person to deal with organisation matters.

The consultants


Brigitte FICHAUX, dietician

Liliane FABRE, dentist using energy-based techniques



Practitioners classified by “departement” number


MP = practitioner only using the Poyet method

Somato = qualified somatopath

Somato* = qualified somatopath, regularly following post graduate training courses every 2 years

125 practioners found in the directory

Under the improper use of the term “somatopath”, the laying on of hands, telephone manipulations and consultations, healing at distance, work on former lives, spiritualistic techniques, psychology, prescribing, diagnosis, etc... and generally HETERODOX PRACTICES which de facto ARE NOT Somatopathy, WOULD BE THE SOLE RESPONSIBILITY OF THEIR OWN PRACTITIONERS.


Somatopathy does not call into question your usual medical treatment.